The 4400 is a compact, portable direc-tion finding receiver/processor that also functions as a general purpose monitor and surveillance receiver. A backlit LCD display is used for good visibility in all lighting conditions.

The 4400 DF Receiver/Processor features an embedded CPU. This al-lows the system to be menú driven, have múltiple RS-232 interfaces, and include a Bitmapped-graphics display. The múltiple RS-232 interfaces provide for remote control of the system, auxiliary and remote displays, and fluxgate compass. The 4400 also features standard PC parallel printer port, PC AT compatible keyboard interface, and PC compatible VGA monitor port (for external display). Extensive remote control and monitoring functions are provided allowing complete unattended remote operation of the 4400 DF system.

The 4400 interfaces with various high performance antennas to provide accu-rate DF capability in the range 0.5 - 2036 MHz, depending on user requirements. These antennas can be small, lightweight, and designed for vehicle and/or airborne use. Fixed station antennas covering the above frequency range are also available