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Multiplexor CX960

The Memotec CX960e is the high performance solution for GSM backhaul and voice traffic compression over satellite links. As a multi-service platform, the CX960e efficiently aggregates & multiplexes GSM, voice and data.

The CX960e’s modular design is supported by a redundant power supply packaged in a 3U standard rack. The CX960e’s versatility is derived from its innovative, flexible architecture where its network deployment is driven by the protocol chosen. The CX960e features “best-in-class?services for backhauling voice traffic via satellite links, including echo cancellation, jitter buffer management, and Transcoder Free Operation.

The CX960e supports a wide range of voice & data signaling protocols and interfaces. Network designers can select from a variety of options to seamlessly invoke service adaptation from the input signal to several output choices (TDM or data). Whether traffic is carried on a traditional TDM network or a data backbone, the CX960e will not compromise the quality of service or the ability to manage and monitor them.